Me and my boyfriend are attempting to get more into bondage, the problem is that we are so "close" that we can never take it seriously and laugh anytime either of us tries something. Advice?

it’s so awesome to try new things!  the closeness of your relationship is actually a great thing when starting out with bondage.  trust is a large part of kinky play.  whoever plays the submissive needs to trust that the dom will stop when asked.  (if you’re the dom, you need to stop when asked!)

don’t worry about laughing.  bondage seems like a serious thing, but there’s nothing wrong at all with having a fun time.  laughing shows nervousness, which seems normal when trying new things.

start with seeing who will dom and who will sub.  if you’re not sure, play both roles and see which works better.  of you both like both, then you two can take turns in each role!

simple ways to start with bondage:  blindfolds are great because taking away sight makes the other senses grow, also it increases anticipation because one can’t see what the other is doing,

handcuffs are great, but they’re not meant for long-term play.  ropes or soft leather cuffs are better.  when the sub is tied up, tease him to the point of squirming and until he begs for orgasm.  always a fun time.

spanking is great because it can be started softly, then increased with each smack until limits have been tested.  hands work great, but also consider things like flat hairbrushes or wide, soft belts.  you don’t want to injure your playmate!

if you keep practicing and going at it, the nervousness and giggling should wane.  experiment, experiment, experiment.  and if you mess up?  it’s just you two!  clean up and try again.  you will be even closer in the end for sharing something so intimate.